Looking for a unique weekend read?

I don’t know about you, but at times I’m looking for a different, unique read that is well out of my usual genre. Why? It’s fun and quite refreshing! A while ago I found Cedar Woman by Debra Shiveley Welch and fell in love with this saga immediately. I haven’t read the book 2, Spirit Woman, in this series yet, but it’s on my TBR list and sitting nicely on my Kindle already. I hope you’ll find Debra’s books as great as I did, and if you do, please, leave a review on Amazon and on Goodreads. Reviews are like a pot of gold for us writers! 

41oF61Un57L._UY250_Cedar Woman (The Cedar Woman Saga Book 1)

Winner of the Best Native American Fiction Award, and the first book of the Cedar Woman Saga, Cedar Woman is a powerful book filled with courage, romance and the beliefs, ceremonies and language of the Lakota Sioux. Volume II of the Cedar Woman Saga: New Apple Award winner “Spirit Woman.”

Spirit Woman (The Cedar Woman Saga Book 2)

“Spirit Woman” builds off of my past and includes the true stories of three other women who suffered from domestic abuse. Wrapped into one, heart-rending story, “Spirit Woman” tells the tale of Nickie Bahiti (buy-a-tie – ghost or spirit) Greene. Desperate for love, she grabs it when she can and finds herself in a living hell.

61X8R02YkSLAs the story unfolds, we are witness to Nickie’s bravery and the loyalty and courage of her friend Beau. Does she escape and does Beau manage to save her, or will she ride the wing of Wakinyan Zitka (Wah-keen-yahn-zheet-kah – The Thunderbird) to the edge of the universe where she would walk the five steps to the Spirit Path and into the Spirit World?

About the Author:

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Commissioned Kentucky Colonel, Honorable Debra Shiveley Welch, resides in Central Ohio with her husband Mark and son Christopher, an author and photographer.

Author of seven books and a bevy of short stories and poems, Debra is the winner of Books and Authors best Native American Fiction, AllBooks Review Editor’s Choice, Faithwriters Gold Seal of Approval – Outstanding Read, Books and Authors Best Non-Fiction Book and Excellence in Literature awards and is a medalist in the New Apple Award for Excellence.

Debra is now working on “Brave Heart Woman,” third in the “Cedar Woman” series, “Memories of an Old Farm House,” a micro memoir about her memories of her family’s ancestral farmhouse situated on a hill across from Serpent Mound in Southern, Ohio and “Christopher’s Family Table,” a cookbook featuring recipes from Chopped Champion Christopher Thames and Chopped Champion Junior, Daniel Kligmann.




P.S. If you’re still wondering if this is your read or not, here’s what the readers say about these books…


“In the days when customs and beliefs guided the American Indians, soon they had a new struggle to learn the white ways. Even today they have to hold on dearly to their beliefs, and live side-by-side with the world around them, as they endure while holding on to what their ancestors taught long ago and passed it up through the ages until, still to this day, the American Indian has survived to tell the world they are still alive and their passion to love all things, respect death and thank the food that keeps them sustained in life.

The book, Cedar Woman by Debra Shiveley Welch, opened my eyes to all that is possible. It shows how a young woman learned to discover friendships, love at first sight, lost love and rediscovered love. This amazing woman with the spirit of an eagle held hopes and dreams close to her soul and showed others how to grasp life and follow their hearts; to believe in family; respect and honor their elders and learn from them as she grew like the trees around her; honor the world and discover its beauty and elegance; to take on disaster with a firm hand; and follow the path to keep love and strength of family pliable.

This book holds the secrets of becoming one with your heart and learning to discover your heart through ancient American Indian customs, where family is a home for all, and to open the doors for others to walk through and be loved as if they were true blood. To read this book is a pleasure, gracefully written and filled with dreams of passion that will keep you glued to the pages. I give this book a 5 Kazoo’s. You will not be disappointed. A great book to read with your children, this book will take you into a world of learning new and exciting possibilities within yourself and others around you. Finding recipes to try and poems of spirit and wonder to talk about and find yourself within these spiritual words. Dvora Swickle 5 Kazoo’s.”


“This is part of a series beginning with the Cedar Woman and now its sequel, Spirit Woman, to be followed later by yet another book. Ms. Shively Welch writes excellent and gripping prose. It makes the reading smooth without even once forcing you to think ‘what the heck does it mean?’. You will be sailing smoothly on clear seas without any large waves crashing on you. When you come to the end, you would be feeling ‘so soon?’ Once the introduction to Nickie, Shelagh, Boy Ladd, Rosie, Logan and Javan are over, the crescendo begins to build up. Then you would be racing to save Nickie from Javan and hope that Officer Foster is up to the task as he takes up watching Nicke’s apartment. Can Beau do the right thing to help Foster? Finally will Nickie survive the attack by Javan? Well, I enjoyed the thrill of suspense reading this fine novel. You ought to read it too. Nickie’s ordeal belongs to most of us: we live with the ones we love but not loved and miss the love of the people who love us.”

Happy reading!

Jen x


About jenniferloiske

Jennifer Loiske lives in Finland in Naantali, which is a small sunny town on the southwest coast. She is a pre-school teacher by profession but she stayed at home when her youngest daughter suffered brain fever, which developed severe epilepsy in 2004. She is a workaholic Teen/Young Adult author, who loves dark fantasy, teen movies, chips and candies and warm sunny days. She’s also very keen on charity work and a big part of her royalties goes to the charity; mainly to help families with epileptic children but also to the epilepsy units in the hospitals. As a huge fan of dark novels Jennifer's bookshelf is full of books from L.J. Smith, Alyson Noel, Stephanie Meyer, Chloe Neill, Michelle Rowen, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Amanda Hocking and Lauren Kate. She’s also a huge fan of music from Evanescence, Linkin Park, Within Temptation, OneRepublic and Disturbed. But her hunger for music is endless and depend on what mood she’s in or what kind of book she’s working on. She can be pretty much an omnivore when it comes to music.
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