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Shh! An exclusive peek inside of the Darkspire Reaches!

Today is the last day of C.N.Lesley being on my blog. It’s been a fun week! Lots of cool games, which, by the way, you still have time to participate. Just scroll down the previous posts and play away! As … Continue reading

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Inspiration can hit in the strangest of moment!

It doesn’t take much to get me inspired. A smile of a stranger, an odd shadow in the woods, a whispered word that was not meant for my ears…and I have absolutely zero control over when the inspiration will hit … Continue reading

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Friday Date with Kai!

Who could say no to Arthurian men! They were brave, courageous, noble, men of honor. They didn’t hesitate to protect a lady and danger was their middle name. So I asked C.N. Lesley who is her favorite and here’s what she … Continue reading

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Blurbs – A nightmare or a dream?

As the games continue here are three fabulous blurbs by C.N. Lesley. I personally find it really hard to write blurbs. What will I put in them? How much is too much? Am I giving something away whilst summarizing the … Continue reading

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Game time!!!

I love games and so does C.N. Lesley! She has created a bunch of great games for us so I hope you’re ready! May the best man or woman win! Game One: A future world with dinosaurs? Assuming modern technology … Continue reading

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Making a King. How it started with Shadow Over Avalon.

Today C.N. Lesley shares some ‘behind the scene’ info about Shadow Over Avalon!  So how does someone recreate an ancient king, who had no known surviving offspring? The scientist would need to reach back into the ancestry of the person … Continue reading


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Seven minutes with Jennifer! Interview of C.N. Lesley!

I’m beyond thrilled to welcome, C.N. Lesley, to my virtual couch. So attention all fantasy/scifi/Arthurian lovers! C.N. Lesley, please, tell us a something about yourself?  My home is in central Alberta, Canada, where I live with my husband and two … Continue reading

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