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Friday Date with Kai!

Who could say no to Arthurian men! They were brave, courageous, noble, men of honor. They didn’t hesitate to protect a lady and danger was their middle name. So I asked C.N. Lesley who is her favorite and here’s what she … Continue reading

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Game time!!!

I love games and so does C.N. Lesley! She has created a bunch of great games for us so I hope you’re ready! May the best man or woman win! Game One: A future world with dinosaurs? Assuming modern technology … Continue reading

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Friday Date with the men from The Lord of the Rings!

You all know how I love to date fictional characters but who’s on Jan Raymond’s ‘date’ list? On top is…the one and only…no, no, it’s not one…let me see…Okay, it’s a group we all love…fearless soldiers…archer, beyond this world…little men…elves…oh, … Continue reading

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