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GIVEAWAY for Vampire Lovers!

I love giveaways, especially the kinds of where EVERYBODY WINS something…so what better way to start the summer than entering my SUMMER GIVEAWAY! Here’s how it goes…by joining my giveaway you will be joining my mailing list and get a FREE … Continue reading


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Are you a bestselling author or not?

So…you’ve hit number one on Amazon. Congrats! But are you entitled to call yourself a bestselling author now? I’ve hit Amazon’s bestselling lists multiple times and yet I’m shy to say it out loud. I’ve even hit the wanted #1 … Continue reading

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Exciting news for authors and readers!

We’ve all been there…wondering what to read next…finding the one book we want to read is too expensive and looking for another, cheaper, but at least as good one…OR wanting a little help with our book promos only to find … Continue reading

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Winner Announcement!

I’m humbled before you all who shared the audiobook giveaway! Honestly, I lost count at some point as Twitter was on fire from all your re-tweets! Thank you ❤ Aaaannnndddd…here are the lucky winners! P.J. MacLayne and Museofhellheroes! You both … Continue reading

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Hellish audiobook GIVEAWAY!

I love giveaways! And this giveaway is something I’ve been waiting for a long time! Janet and Chris Morris have kindly donated several audio copies of Lawyers in Hell!!! Woot, woot!!! Too bad I can’t participate my own giveaways though… BUT … Continue reading

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Game Day!

I love ‘capture this’ games so here are two for you! Capture these pictures and you might be one of the lucky ones to win Ally Shields’s ebooks! Picture 1: Talking about the Elephant in the room! Picture 2: Vegetables … Continue reading

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Hop on! It’s Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring, Blog Hop time!

Welcome on Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring, Blog Hop!Hop around the blogs (list below), and check out all the individual giveaways, as well as a Rafflecopter giveaway where you can enter for chances to win a $70 gift card to either … Continue reading

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Teaser Thursday and GIVEAWAY!

I love teasers…snippets from the story, pics with quotes, imaginary casts, trailers…you name it! So, I will be posting couple of great teasers by Jalpa Williby for you today AND everyone who comments here will participate on a giveaway!!! The … Continue reading

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WOW! What a Giveaway!

       I still have couple of Kindle copies of Circle of Five by Jan Raymond and Shattered Reality by Brenda Perlin! This is a ‘first come, first served’ kind of Giveaway so be fast and email me: jenniferloiske(at)gmail(dot)com … Continue reading

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It’s getting wild before it ends!

Today is the last day with Jan Raymond, but before we leave her to write another thrilling story, there is still one chapter left of her spin off…and…a surprise! So, here we go!      CHAPTER 7   It was … Continue reading

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