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It’s getting wild before it ends!

Today is the last day with Jan Raymond, but before we leave her to write another thrilling story, there is still one chapter left of her spin off…and…a surprise! So, here we go!      CHAPTER 7   It was … Continue reading

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Relaxing on a couch with Jan Raymond

Good morning everyone! It’s lazy Saturday and I’m still in my pajamas…and Jan, well, I’m not sure if she even went to bed last night 🙂  Yawn…Okay, let me grab a cup of coffee before we start…Yesterday Jan had created … Continue reading

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Plot is thickening…Part 2 of Jan Raymond’s Spin off!

Some of you have been asking about the follow up of Jan Raymond’s spin off. Well, here it is! The next two chapters. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do! Also, I’m gonna reveal what’s been going … Continue reading

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WOW! What a bunch of great reviews!

There is no better way to thank an author for writing a great story than to write a positive review of the book and post it on Amazon and Goodreads. Yes, we love to hear what you thought about our stories. … Continue reading

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Things you may not know about Jan Raymond, an author of the Pha Yul trilogy!

Yes! Today Jan Raymond has kindly agreed to share some secrets along her writing journey. And no, I did not use any force, did not bribe her, nor did I use any threats. She spilled the beans voluntarily 🙂 Jan, … Continue reading

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Seven Minutes with Jennifer: Interview of Jan Raymond!

This week I wanted to do something special. To really concentrate on one thing and give a tour of one author’s life instead of posting sporadic book related things. Luckily Jan Raymond, author of Pha Yul trilogy, volunteered to be … Continue reading

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Page Roulette Time!

I have a pleasure to have K.D. Emerson and a page from her amazing Teen/YA book, Digitus 233, on my blog today! She is a dear friend and a mentor of many authors. A special person who has always time … Continue reading

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Seven minutes with Jennifer: Interview of A. G. Chambers!

Yay! It’s Monday again and time to place a new, exciting author on my couch! Welcome, Ali, I’m so pleased to see you here! Thanks for having me! Tell us a something about yourself?  Well, I was born in the … Continue reading

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Just one word…Four…

Lovers of Paranormal Romance prepare to be awed! I wanted to read Divergent by Veronica Roth before it hits the movie theaters…and wow! It took me four hours and thirty-eight minutes to finish the book…yes, it was that good. Roth … Continue reading

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WOW! Meet K.D. Emerson, a wonderwoman and an author of Digitus 233!

I first met K.D. Emerson when I was at the crossroads of my writing career. I had just survived out of the hands of not so nice publisher and was still licking my wounds. I have to be honest, she … Continue reading

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