New Year’s madness!

Whatever I thought I was, he was more. Always faster, stronger and, sad to admit, much wilier than me. So whatever rebellious thoughts were inside my head I needed to put them aside aI don’t know about you guys but after Christmas my wallet is totally empty. So what better way to start year 2019 than with FREE books! However, you have to be fast as the offer is valid only for a limited time…

FREE on 2nd-5th of January (noon-noon; EDT):

At 6 A.M.
Club Number Five
Red Hunter
Black Diamond

And there’s more…subscribe for my newsletter and find out what! How to subscribe? Easy! Just click on the “subscribe for the newsletter” text on top of this page and then send me your email address.

Happy New Year to you all!


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2018 Tribute to Veterans

Honoring veterans of all wars

This year you have the rare opportunity to obtain three historic war novels FREE.  Just click the links below and enjoy reading and learning about the  our veterans and the sacrifices that helped to maintain our freedoms.

Kicker (The Forgotten Front)   A WWII thriller about a family’s hardships on the home front and the Army airmen who flew unarmed missions over Japanese territory in China, Burma and India.  This ebook is available free November 9, 10 and 11 of 2018.

The Dandelion Clock  A wish to end all wishes. The war to end all wars. This WWI novel is available free November 10, 11 and 12 of 2018.

Touching the Wire  Auschwitz:1944 A Jewish nurse steps from a cattle wagon into the heart of a young doctor, but can he save her? 70yrs later, his granddaughter tries to keep the promise he made.  This WWII novel is available free…

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New release coming soon!

Only a few minor things and this is ready to be published!


Fabulous news! Jennifer Loiske’s new short story, AT 6 A.M., will be released within the next few weeks. But that’s not all, we are pleased to tell you that the amazing Maria Lazarou has joined our team and will be editing and proofreading the new story.

AT 6 A.M. (kopio)Blurb:

She didn’t believe in gorgeous mysterious guys who just happened to pop out of nowhere. Not when they were everything she’d daydreamed, and certainly not when they were some out-of-this-world, ridiculously handsome strangers. At least not before she met Dagon. A boy who rocked her world, literally, and made her question everything she used to believe was true.

Somehow Lillian’s holiday trip turned into the most exciting thing in her life instead of long, lonely walks on the beach whilst her so called spoiled friends were partying in Miami’s best nightclubs. Yet if she ever told a soul what happened to her, no-one…

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Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?

Scarlet Le Clair, one of the sweetest person on Earth, has a new cover on her zombie book. So why not celebrate with her by checking it out!


❤️🔹❤️🔹❤️🔹New Cover❤️🔹❤️🔹❤️


Buy link UK and USA (below)

As the Zombie Apocalypse engulfs and consumes the population,
George and his new found family of misfits and refugees continue to survive, securing their compound home and awaiting the day they can reconnect with a normal humanity. But George will never really be able to forget his devastating loss of his wife and precious children.

With the survivors medical supplies running low and some insider knowledge from the camps Doctor as to the location of the valuable medical needs, it’s up to George and his loyal friends to venture out into the horrific wilderness of the post apocalyptic landscape in order to retrieve what they need.

Without thought for their own safety, the crew encounter
multiple enemies in their path, but their battle against the zombies is not the only one they have to endure. There are also many humans who would plot to destroy the safe haven George and military have been able to secure for the small band of survivors.

Now it’s time for George to continue on the long road ahead.

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Are you ready to jump?

IMG_6535We all love free books, gift cards etc. right? Now is a great opportunity to win some by participating Click Book Blog’s blogaversary! There are tens of amazing authors with hundreds of books just waiting for you to find them. So jump on my Facebook page and see the pinned post…then…well, start jumping!


Jen x

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My latest book!


Redemption; final coverRedemption

Part 3 in Blood Hunters series

Time is a funny thing. You can fool it with spells and tricks but eventually it will catch up with you no matter what you do…

Can Sam survive this final challenge even though all odds are against her? And if she survives, can she bear the price she must pay for her freedom?

Purchase a copy here!

What readers say about Redemption:

5***** Loved it!

I’ve been a fan of Jennifer Loiske since I picked up a copy of Club Number Five (Immortal Blood Series) which introduced me to Samantha and her crazy life. As I read Redemption (Blood Hunters Series), I felt like I’ve watched her grow up so much since that first book.

Curiosity started Sams crazy journey, and Redemption still showcases her youth as she struggles to hold onto who she is, even as she watches loved ones suffer.

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Merry Christmas…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018! All of my vampire books are FREE at the moment!


…and a Happy New Year 2018! Thank you all for the year 2017. It’s been a good year for us. A lot of new things has happened. Jennifer Loiske’s new book, Redemption, was published, new people were hired to the team (Welcome Brian, Felice and Janice!) and a book signing tour in England for the summer 2019 was booked.


As always, Rogue House donated a huge part of the royalties to the charity. Toys, books and games for children (hospitals, kindergartens) and money to the cancer research. Thank you! Without you, the donations could never happen! In return we want to give you something as well. All of Jennifer Loiske’s vampire books are FREE today and tomorrow! So be fast and download them all before the price goes up again. Go to Amazon here.

Whatever I thought I was, he was more. Always faster, stronger and, sad to admit, much wilier than me. So whatever rebellious thoughts were inside my head I needed to put them aside a

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Will Black Diamond be on the podium this year?

Wohoo! BLACK DIAMOND has been nominated on Reader’s Choice Awards!!! Check it out, and please, vote. Thank you in advance!


Maybe…but it will need your help to get there! You nominated it as a Reader’s Choice on TCK’s competition, so now it needs your help to get on the podium.

If you want to vote for BLACK DIAMOND, here’s the link. It’s on page 12, category YA & Middle Grade.

If you’re still unsure why it should be on the podium, please, click here and see what reviewers say about it.

Black Diamond by Jennifer Loiske is mind candy! Examiner

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Here is my interview with Jennifer Loiske

My latest news presented by Fiona!


Hello and welcome to my blog, AuthorInterviews. My name is FionaMcvie.

Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

Hi, Fiona! My name is Jennifer Loiske and I’m…oh-oh…do I have to…well, let’s say I’m between being young and old.

Fiona: Where are you from?

I’m from Naantali, which is a small town on the southwest coast in Finland.

Fiona: A little about your self (ie,  your education, family life, etc.).

I’m a preschool teacher by day and a paranormal fiction author by night. And no, even if my toddlers can be little monsters sometimes, I don’t get my inspiration from my work. I write mostly about vampires, witches, demons, werewolves, fallen angels and stuff like that. All though I do have a work in progress that’s mostly non-fiction. Yes, I said mostly. So don’t judge me when it comes out. When I’m…

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New release from Marie Godley!

thumbnail_Different WingsMarie Godley has just released her latest book, DIFFERENT WINGS. Here’s a scene before the book starts:

Mum’s just called me. I’m not ready – I mean, I’m dressed and everything, but I’m not ready to go to the church. I’m not sure I can actually go through with this. I loved Anna, she was the one that comforted me, before she left.

Knowing I should get up, I try, I really do, but my feet won’t obey me. See, not ready. I don’t think Mum is either. She’s been crying and withdrawn since she heard the news, well she would be, she’d known her all her life. That’s why I have to go. To support her. Do my duty. I don’t have a choice. I rarely do.


That’s the warning shout. I can’t put it off any longer – she’ll just come and get me and then they’ll be words. And guilt will pile on top of the grief.


Find Marie and her books here:

Links website and blog

thumbnail_author picBio

Marie Godley resides in Christchurch, Dorset with her family. Luckily enough to live in a town with historical buildings to roam around, as well as having the sea and the New Forest National Park nearby, she has plenty to do when taking a break from writing.

For more information, to get in touch with her, or find out how to follow her on social media sites, visit her website If you go to the contact me section you’ll find a box to fill in to sign up for newsletters. These give you free stories, behind the scenes information and the chance to see covers and information for new releases before anyone else.

Other Books:

Young Adult:



A Beastly Christmas

Children’s Books:

The Special Christmas Bear

The Guardian of the Globe

Time Slide

Anthologies for Authors For Charity:

Tales of an Old Wizard

Paranormal Love


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