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Cover Reveal! — RogueHouse

The cover of OLD BLOOD, part 2 in Blood Hunters series, is finally ready! Not long and the book will be available worldwide! If you haven’t read the previous parts, Immortal Blood series, and Red Hunter (part 1 in Blood … Continue reading

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Teaser Time!

I’m so excited! One of my models just gave me a permission to use his photos as a promotional tool! Whilst waiting for those new promo pics to come out, I give you my teen demons! Enjoy! Oh, and you … Continue reading

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It’s time…for a weekend teaser!

Yep, it’s time to give you a little taste from my new book, BLACK COVEN. Black Coven wraps up my McLean Twins series, which is a paranormal suspense story for teen readers…Oh, and have I told you how much I … Continue reading

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COMIC CON here I come!

I’m a Comic Con virgin. There I said it! So my expectations are quite high and the level of my excitement is reaching the sky. I have my promotional material packed, my costume picked up, meetings set up and, yep, … Continue reading

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I will be taking some time off and escaping to Italy. Yes, I’m serious! But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna ditch my readers, quite the opposite. I will be writing about the different way of traveling and of course creating … Continue reading

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Taking it easy…

Last week was a nightmare! My daughter’s assistant was sick so I had to jump in and cover her…well, you can guess the results…no writing done. Zero! And my blog…crying here all alone… So this week I’m gonna pack my … Continue reading

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One way to build a story…

There is no right or wrong way to write a story. Some write it chapter by chapter, editing each chapter well before moving on to another chapter, some do a huge amount of researching before starting to write, and some … Continue reading

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Behave! Nobody likes a spammer!

I love social media. The endless marketing possibilities it offers to us dead-broke authors. The way it connects like-minded people around the world. The way you can put the good go around…BUT there is this nasty part in it, which … Continue reading

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WOW Wednesday! Wowing the readers!

Without writers there would be no readers, and without readers, well, there would be writers but the writers would be way lonelier, poorer and probably in all kind of ways on their way to a round, locked room 🙂 So, … Continue reading

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Control the Uncontrollable!

For years I’ve been struggling to get a grip on my writing habits and now…it has finally happened! I’m on a schedule, can you believe that? I can’t! After hundreds and hundreds post-it notes, scrappy scrawls, pieces of papers getting … Continue reading

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