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Author Interview: Scarlet Le Clair

This is an interview I’ve been dying to do since…well, since a very, very, long time. Scarlet has stood by me as I’ve been stumbling on the rocky road called ‘writer’s life’, she’s been the first to yell ‘I love … Continue reading

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Fiction & Art Inspired By the Mappae Clavicula, Guest Post by S.E. Lindberg

Seth Lindberg is guest blogging here today, and I have to say this is probably the most interesting guest post I’ve ever read! I love hearing what inspires the other authors, I really do, as for me ‘the story behind … Continue reading

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On the Grill… Andrew P. Weston, a creator of Daemon Grim!

I am a huge fan of Andrew P. Weston, so imagine my joy when he agreed to be grilled on my blog today! If you’ve missed the previous posts about Heroes in Hell series and have no idea who Andrew … Continue reading

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Winner Announcement!

I’m humbled before you all who shared the audiobook giveaway! Honestly, I lost count at some point as Twitter was on fire from all your re-tweets! Thank you ❤ Aaaannnndddd…here are the lucky winners! P.J. MacLayne and Museofhellheroes! You both … Continue reading

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Hellish audiobook GIVEAWAY!

I love giveaways! And this giveaway is something I’ve been waiting for a long time! Janet and Chris Morris have kindly donated several audio copies of Lawyers in Hell!!! Woot, woot!!! Too bad I can’t participate my own giveaways though… BUT … Continue reading

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Want to know what’s happening at the gates of Heaven? Meet Yelle Hughes, an author of Essence Helliance!

Yelle Hughes, mum of three and now a proud grandparent, is an avid reader as well as author. She enjoys canoeing, studying the Greek myths, watching action and western movies, and is an unpaid movie critic. Her work is written … Continue reading

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Heroes in Hell tour is back! Meet Nancy Asire, one of the authors in the series!

NANCY ASIRE is the author of four novels, Twilight’s Kingdoms, Tears of Time, To Fall Like Stars and Wizard Spawn. She also wrote short stories for the series anthologies Heroes in Hell, edited by Janet Morris, and Merovingen Nights, edited … Continue reading

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Soup and hellish magic… Meet Richard Groller, a Doctors in Hell author!

Last, but definitely not least, Richard Groller, a Doctors in Hell author, is saying hi to you all on this beautiful Monday! Richard Groller, is an author of fiction and non-fiction. He is co-author of The Warrior’s Edge (with Janet … Continue reading

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‘Mother’ of Heroes in Hell is on my blog today! Meet Janet Morris!

Best selling author Janet Morris began writing in 1976 and has since published more than 30 novels, many co-authored with her husband Chris Morris or others. She has contributed short fiction to the shared universe fantasy series Thieves World, in … Continue reading

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Meet Chris Morris! An author, lyricist, composer and a singer-songwriter!

Talk about multi talented person… Christopher Crosby Morris (born 1946) is an American author of fiction and non-fiction, as well as a lyricist, musical composer, and singer-songwriter. He is married to author Janet Morris. He is a defense policy and strategy … Continue reading

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